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Rifftrax Live: Samurai Cop 2017

Fathom Events and # 174; Samurai Cop leading to large-screen riffs on Thursday to live, April 13, and then broadcast a special on Tuesday, April 18 guys who make funny movies, Mike Nelson, Kevin MURPHY and Bill Corbett, who must return to the never – saw action Z-grade moviesdear 90S Samurai Cop riffing. For the first time in the cinema, the film follows Joe, a policeman they called the Samurai, took him and his amazing hair (in fact, amazing daGauza gle) LosAngeles away from the San Diego gangs and its stated goal, on his piano putting someone’s head in the bust.Joe and his partner, and its main objective is to shamelessly mugs for the camera, leading to MST3K fan-favorite, against Robert Zdar, the fight scenes are not scary, but it’s fun. Beheading, explosions, bad subbed in doubles action, destroyed the interview, standing Lion head, just the eighties and nineties,and this unfortunate hamakabananasbrojni films.