Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition repack Mo Bo download free torrent

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Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition repack

Less repackaged by Mr. DJ (ME)

Ultimate Edition Mr. packing Fallout DJ

Repackaged features:

Do not cut / re-coding;

Version Game :;

Precracked – and play installation (no GFWL required);

Final size :;

OS: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win (32bit and 64bit both);

Voice and subtitle language: English;

Xbox 360 Controller Support: Yes,

Setting time: 12 minutes;

DLCs ​​include:

* Dead Money

* Honest Hearts

* Old World Blues

* Lonely Road

* Arsenal Gun Runners’

* Stash Courier




package -Tribal

** Installation:

HAVE your antivirus before ” (important) to avoid error. (For the user to easily change the Deep Screen Avast antivirus settings) …

After running Setup, click “Configure” ,, enter the installation directory, click on the following and following ,, select the software ,, Finally, the (DirectX and Visual C ++) again next Install … to play the game as a shortcut

Click data files, select the DLC ausDu like this game …

echelmae have modern hardware with CPUmulticore, but still crashes the game, go to the “crash” file, read and implement what is mentioned in it ….

always playing with Run as administrator ‘exposure to possible / accident to avoid problems when accidents altydnog, reduce and make sure you meet the system requirements with the drivers’ video update for your graphics card, the graphics settings, read the text file commands for more help …


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