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Zapya File transfer tool

ZAPA is a free file sharing program looks LAN, specially designed for use in portable devices. Because this application uses part peer-to-peer, it’s an easy way to transfer large files over the wireless network. Until then, the device you’re connected part of the same network and the application is installed, you can quickly move files between them and even see them in the same application. This is a great way to share documents, media and many others in Urzędzielub at home.


ZAPAhas a simple, easy-to-use interface that the nature of the group management easily find friends in social media programs with file sharing combine. You can share plikiW this group of friends, find online friends turn near and quickly files using the built-in media player. The transfer of wireless fast, free and easy; You can make the file sharing and to stelnet supplementing it sam.Rezultatem experience unlimited file sharing tseyak fast and easy to use. There are restrictionswhat can be done; For example, user groups limited to no more than five members.

A good choice for users of free Wi-Fi

kiedyjesteś in an environment where a large number of users the same Wi-Fi network, such as offices or university classrooms, ZAPA is a very handy tool for sharing files.