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Therapist 2017

TherapistYan is an ordinary girl with a mountain of problems in her life. One day, she has a severe cough and finds himself gasping for air. When they cough stops, they find that there is a thick, smooth green mucus-like substance in her hand. She begins to panic and go to the doctor, but is hit by a car on the way there. After she came to her senses, she discovers that her body is painless and in perfect condition. your doctor then performs a thorough diagnosis and found that Yanno heartbeats yet she is very good and healthy. When she is kidnapped and taken to the lab for a test Xu`s Professor Yan is told that her soul left her body and she has only three days to get it back.

Language: Mandarin

Classification: P13

General information Date of issue: March 16, 2017

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: 1 hour 21 minutes

Distributor: Full Billion Entertainment



Format: 2D