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Easy Video Maker 6

Ironically, Easy Video Maker is one of the most difficult programs that were used to create the video. What is easy to use and intuitive.

How to make a video?

At first glance, a simple video game mzuriinaishi and busy Maker user interface. She has too manybuttons and options that are not in any case obvious. Although there is a tutorial to help you, it does not give any advice clearer.

You can add pictures, sound, video of ITEC, or write to the screen as the video. However, it does not videa.to you need to drag these optionsat the first chart and place them behind and field video (the tutorial does not tell you). But the difference between the area and the sun savideo background remains a mystery, how to add sound to the video.

News 1990

Besides looking ugly, and you can mix, Easy Video Maker ethoprophos also feature.The parameters that were you will have to keep you and it is not clear that each parameter is used, or what he does. For example, “special effects line”: what does it mean, and what he zrabivi that aspect of the video It’s unbelievable?.

Adoption of the same video polepolemchakato. maybe ten years ago,Easy Video Maker is an example of a simple way to make a video, but this kind of programs made significant progress, and for the Windows Phone, and now it just seems obsolete.

We need a new name

Kamakama make a video novice, download Easy Video Maker and disappointed, because the process seems complicated,do not worry. There are other applications that really sprashchayutsvyrab video and offer more advanced features. This program has a catchy name, but tukitu on their behalf.