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MSWLogo 6.5b

MSWLogo environment for programming based Logo-limited, based lisp originally intended for educational purposes.

One big advantage of the logo, however, is that it was created for the education that is extremely easy to learn. It’s a great introduction to programming zadeca or those who want tostart programming. Not everything is boring – or even graphics and diagrams are its main application can be used to create games or MSWLogo programiza Windows.

The interface is maximally simplified, MSWLogo it – in fact it’s a little kakoso help of the MS Foundation. Existtons of lessons and even video guides to start bearing, so you can create your own graphics or square in no time.

MSWLogo is a great way for beginners and children to start in programming, but it’s so limited and rяdkoizpolzvanakje see that does not go very far.

MSWLogo supportsfollowing formats