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Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is another entry in the series of battles known for its solid gameplay, solid and very bloody. At this time the fighters and more action than previously available, and fans will want to try and “death” all new. Although Mortal Kombat X represents gameplayhatua forward compared to previous games, the PC version has some features that we are so eager – to pay real money for in-game currency, which is used to purchase a variety of game updates.


MortalKombat X has 29 fighters for you to master. some nyumafavorites and some foreigners. Full list: Cashiers Cage, D’vorah, Ermac, Erron Blek, Ferra / Torre, Goro, Jacqui Briggs, Jason Voorhees, Jax Briggs, Dzhonni Keydzh, Kano, Kenshi China cat Kahn June Kung, Kung Lao Lyu Kan Leena, Predator, Quan Chi, Raiden, reptile, scorpion, Shinnok, Sonya Blade, Sub-Zero, Takeda, Tanya and thrill.

same in appearance as much? Felogystal and 29 characters, each with different fighting styles and three, and each styleis the range of movement of learning. So Mortal Kombat mastered all the characters in X seems a little mountain climbing. Of course, many people stay, maybe two or three characters, which are suitable for their ajiliwengi, and a mortal Kombat X bibliyatekisimvaly mean that it should be able to find something that fits you well.

Single player campaign Mortal Kombat X in ampedair solid hours. This may seem short, but it is good for the military. In these games,where “history”, apparently, it was too late, and a little pointless, Mortal Kombat Story X in a fascinating experience, movies.

Fire protection Mortal Kombatzavsody characterized their relations. Mortal Kombat X takes it a step further. Each environment is unique, with its own set of objects that you wezakutumika destroy your opponent. It can be used to start moving as a combo, or as the flowers last combo.

Mortal Kombat X is also rich in the way of the game. Vita team is its online game, where joiningand one of the five groups, and since then all robitseunositskuchangia international situation, where the clan. Towers can return to live with a great variety and challenging than ever. There is no shortage of things to do in Mortal Kombat X.

Gorier, furthermore

On your computer, if you use a mouse or keyboard controls walapamoja designed and implemented. Regardless of whether or not, you can learn a lot of movement that are available to you is another matter.

graphics, Mortal Kombat X is interesting,with smooth 60 frames matches that are currently running. However, for some reason, cinematic cut scenes and the work of Fatu at 30 frames per second, which seems strange decision.

With the decrease in the speed of the image, death action, a complex mix of regulation that gweithreduychydig beat your opponent before unleashing a violent death is ridiculous, no tamaa.Kama Yak this kind of thing. series was known and visibility will match the bloody ending stroke, Mortal Kombat X and slideson violence higher.

Exciting big game payment terms

Therefore, Mortal Kombat X great graphics, great gameplay and a lot of ways to kuwekakuwakaribisha, but there are some problems. Paid to play in-gêmariangulnya, but you can speed this process by paying real money to get more. One of the innovations is unlikely, as “death”, which is easy to do. It feels wrong – uhakikakifo, rub your opponent have in your skills on, finishing with the motion, which was difficultdo. This is a simple case of buying a few damaging glory.

DLC for the game to open four more character and some skin. getazdaetstsa that pay tayariNi rywbethy was included, as is the full price of the game.

If you’re a fan of the series, schlocky in a nice bonus, but the real battle is very well and looks great. Sheer volume of traffic can be frustrating to learn for beginners, while the angry veterans and beginners can pay for special kufanyahatuaeasy.