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60 Minutes

The 60th minute was in the air 68 hours on Tuesday, but most Sunday days he spent today where he is today. This popular news offers both queries, interviews and features as well as people in the news and current minutes have given unprecedented records in the qualification Nilsson 1, five times more qualified,Making it one of the most successful programs in the history of television. This series has earned more Emmy awards than any other emails program. In 2003, Don Hewitt, founder (in 1968), won Emmy for her lifetime achievement as well as the corresponding 60th minute.In the 2009 season, Correspondents include Steve Kroft, Leslie Shtal, Bob Simon, Scott Pelli, Morley Safe, Katie Kurik, Byron Pitts, Lara Logan, Charlie Rose, Anderson Cooper and Eddie Rooney. In addition to the 11 Peabody awards, this phenomenal series of years has increased 78 awards before the 2005 season and remainsAmong the audience for the first choice for a news magazine