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AIMP 4.02

AIMP has been tested for a long time as the best audio player. It has been beautifully designed and has many features that has been the perfect choice as the default player.

AIMP library arranges MP3 files, you can create a tag edit, if you need it, and enjoy the best sound quality. AIMP is also working with other popular formats, including karaoke files and various playback formats.

AIMP playback offers all standardowefunkcje 18-band equalizer, display effects, other windowsOne way to see the current list, the impacts of the songs, the changes in standardization volume changes, and the help of global shortcuts: find similar programs.

But there is more than AIMP. The program also plays an Internet radio streaming and tagredakteur napowtórzyć will be a specific part of the song, which will be useful during the course of trying to clarify the inside!

KoppelvlakIn AIMP is both attractive and intuitive. All functions and buttons are clearThey can be easily linked to the project’s pages.

We’ve tried hard to find any, but it’s not really bad about AIMP, no. This is just an awesome audio player.

OśNadal music can be a perfect AIMP response player.