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AppLocker 1.3

Do you restrict which applications are used on your system? Application Locker – a simple program that prevents some programs from opening.

Locker application really useful for parents who want to restrict their computer vykorystannyaditmy or keep certain programs out of reach for others. It is limited to locking .EXE files so you do not use it to lock the control panel to what is a shame. But things like Firefox and IE, canYou lehkozablokuvaty, ohranichivdostup on the Internet.

In the application Locker no security so that anyone can unlock it, lockable program. However, if you install it with administrator rights on your PC and install it only vykorystannyaadministratorom, it will be effective.

To help the users to indicate that they should not use any program, it does the trick. It comes with a help file, although it is very informative! To add an app to your locks, addYou simply create a nuzhnoDlya .EXE file is not hard, but you can not search for additional applications.

For security, application locker – an easy way to hold certain programs within fo.