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AS SSD Benchmark 1

The free utility AS SSD Benchmark determines the performance of solid-state drives on your computer or smart device. The tool includes at least six separate tests and three synthetic copy tests. These results confirm how good or bad,It is used by the SSD and allows to develop what remedial measures that may be needed.

Review of AS SSD Benchmark

Synthetic software and tests determine the order / zapisWydajność of any SSD reading that manifest. The bottom line is that these tests are conductedWithout using the operating system cache, allows you to identify the true picture. For example, in the “Seq Test” software measures how long it takes to keep the file size exactly 1 GB, and then read it. Again, the “4K Test” read and write are measured at randomBytebloky memory. Another test measures how to read and write 4KB danychAle when operations are distributed over 64 threads. These tests should represent NQ (Native Command Queuing) (NCQ) SSD, among others such as differences between the IDE mode – where NCQ does not support and operates in AHCI mode.

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TechnicalPart of the software that is used for equipment specialists, AS SSD Benchmark, essentially generates the result. This allows you to handle a lot of feel for something that can be easily compared compared to each other drives. At the end of the test series, three values ​​are sentTo read and write a disc measured solid matter. This is simpler, the results of compression tests are output in a graphical format, which facilitates their implementation. For example, the x-axis on the graph indicates the accuracy of the data, which makes it easier to read. In a test instance that is accessible to the MenuNarzędziKopiowania, created a few folders, test results. The cache stays on your computer for this test, you can get real reading. Multiple tests should show the performance of the drive node, simultaneously read and write operations in a number of conditions. Another oneA good compression test that shows the effect of a solid state disk, expressed as a function of the compressibility of the data. A significant drawback is that the user interface is tylkoDostępny in German, which can scare off some users. Having said that thisIt is easy enough to work all the different functions without a language specialist, and the various screens are sufficiently spaced that allows you to understand what is happening.

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This is a technical tool that is very useful only for computer engineers who are trying to diagnoseProblems with the computer. For example, this will help you work if the state is responsible for stałyNapęd sluggish, or if the problem is in another component of the computer.