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Assassins Creed

By Creed murderer is one of the most successful actions and adventure franchises in recent years. This is the first tranche of study offers full resorption stories with a huge map.

The murderer’s credibility is what you see as an altar, a member of a secret society, the Knights Templar in cold blood killing so they can rule the world. Their ability to run and jump, and hide and go secretly kogdaneobhodimo isCredits designated as critical for different missions you will become Assassins.

Map of murderer creed is divided into three major cities: Damascus, Acre and Jerusalem. Each of which you will find several missions to follow the basic storyline, and many other secondary missions, such as collections of flags and climbing angles.

In the long-term perspectiveProsmotr main defect in Creed Repeat the murderer: The mission play is so similarThat the game is playful and sometimes even boring. In any case, Killer CreedIst is still a fascinating game with great graphics and historical background that we rarely see in other titles.

Despite the repetition at the end of the game Assassin Creed is a great adventure with an interesting istoricheskimFon.

KillerUnity is an open world adventure game that takes place in Paris during the French Revolution.

Scheduled for November13 releases, such as Arno Dorian Willing to play, and continue to be a murderer to his true persönlichenUm champion.

Get busy with French landmark events, including everything from MungaBastiliya blindness to the implementation of Louis XVI, on solo missions and a new co-op mode.