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Avast! 2017 Premier

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Avast! 2017 Premier + keys

Avast! – Anti-virus software on your hard disk can better detect virus in memory, boot order, and more. You can find viruses in the email, an embedded blocker script. The virus database is updated multiple times a day and can be downloaded over the Internet. Avast! It has an intuitive interface that supports the skin.

The main features of interference!

Viruses and Blocksof Spyware

An experience gets the help of a girlfriend

Secure online conversions and banking activities

Safely Run suspicious programs

Hackers attack block

Protection of personal data

It is annoying to spam

Phishing Attack Blocks

The main parts dropped! Premier:

Antivirus engine. Viruses and Blocks of Spyware.

Remote control. Your friend will allow you to solve problems in your computer.

SafeZone. Ensure the security ofinternet banking and purchases (for example, air).

Sandbox. Offers a secure virtual environment (external to your computer) to view web pages and programs running.

Update the software. Automatic upgrade of software.

AccessAnywhere. It provides remote access to your computer.

The benefits of venturing! Premier Antivirus:

Provide our best protection. avast! Premier is a complete solution for Internet Securityand with a new shredder data on your hard drive data recovery; Remote Assistance feature requires userAutomatically connect with tufts / family tools; Updates all the programs you use to update a new software update, they are outdated and / or need to correct security.

You do not have to worry about unified or outdated applications. The only feature available for Avast!First automatic version of our automatic updates Last update of software updates for programs You can download patches from protected vulnerabilities.

Everything is in your hands. At work, did he stop getting a file? AccessAnywhere to avast! Premier provides an external connection to your computer.

Do not let your hard drive know. If you want to sell or deliver your old computer, this is the bestway to prevent confidential data. Normally, data is not completely deleted, except for references. Our data shredder avast! The Premier permanently removes files without permanent hardware or software. This can happen in three ways: The DoDeta Gutmann method by chance.

View web pages and get in touch with your friends. Sandbox also detects a bad program in the virtual environment ofwebsite (outside of the computer). Our web pages, as well as instant messaging and P2P protocols protect screensaver security on social networks (eg Facebook ofTwitter), dating, internet chat rooms (eg Skype or ICQ), as well as peer file sharing.

Protect real time protection. Hybrid cloud technology transfer virus updates your computer’s database in real time, avast your software! It contains virus definitions very muchsoon it is known in our lab of the virus.

Discover what you expect before you make a mouse click. The FileRep cloud runs millions of files. It maintains reputation data to prevent the reputation of files.

Manage avast! on all your devices. Your AVAST account is your personal folder and all your data works with avast! desktop enmga mobile devices for everyone. In addition, preparingWe have the monthly security report, the most important information (for example, the number of infected sites has been blocked).

Get it with the help of an experienced user in your network. Thanks to Remote Assistance, you can get in touch with your family or friends on your remote computer. This process uses AVAST servers through firewalls and you can use everything from anywhere.

Changes in Version 2017 Avast:

Made of beingreliable and simplicity. One of our programs includes passwords and credentials to verify your computer’s manual system has security and performance on the home network.

Playing? Now without delay. New Game Mode will automatically deactivate all reports from Avast Windows and all software messages without maximizing the potential of the computer.

Conduct behavior. We only examine the malicious code application. Now actwe also have to make suspicious activities.

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