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Simply put, Blender is a 3D content creation package.

They said it would be hard to say anything else in this program is easy – Blender Review was one of those dreams where you suddenly feel in deep water, but do not know how to swim.

Full job

Incredible in its way, perfect and worthy, Blender is great, and a review does not seem to be right. For uninitiated, the interface is great. There are tables and bars, all the details and iconsand tags on everything. It is also quite customizable as you can add and remove the parts as needed, and rotate them and turn them on.

Under the list of existing optionsLet the functions of blenders, break and comparisons with animation and game animations. In fact, Blender 3D has many features, all list here, which will take hours, so check out the last guide here. Among the most amazing features of the software are the built – in editor, audio / editing with theMotor motor.

Learn to learn

blenderThere is no setup option to say that all components of the app can switch from the main interface. This is a professional program or for users who expect to be more transparent. Although there are good blender lessons on the site, this 3D-enhancing program is not something fun to play. Leaders have a better look at something that can be found more like the Google SketchUp.

3D design is your object andYou have no copy of Blender, doubt almost I miss you so.

Blender is a very fascinating 3D modeling software that is potentially scary.

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Some menus fell to “Login” and much more!

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