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Cricket Captain 2016

Cricket Captain 2016 is a simulation of depth in management that is focused purely in world cricket. This latest version has been updated and expanded edition of the popular franchise that many proclaim as the best series of all time management cricket.

An in-depth attention to detail through 5 nationalchampionships

As a management simulation, Cricket Captain 2016nudi attention to detail you would expect from a sports game in depth. Included, edisponible to take control of 79 teams has 5 national championships.3D game engine provides some updated graphics and animations are sharp and realistic to increasedose of realism. games and a 20/20 day experience are too much part of the game. The simulation includes a comprehensive database of players, each of which has a set of skills that, as a director, you precutnuiskoristi to bring success in your chosen team. To make things interesting, there are many achievements toWork.

Experience dependence for cricket lovers

cricket fans will especially enjoy the addictive gameplayCricket Captain 2016. With an impressive list of playable teams to choose from, each with real players with more skupovatalente and abilities, gaining success is a good challenge. engine3D game looks good and brings dimension to be realistic career management.