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Crimson Earth HI2U

Crimson country

Title: Red land

Genre: Azione

Sviluppatore: real Dynamics

Editors: blood interactive measurement

Data from 10 in 2017

Language: ENG

Violence TOTAL – 600 Fuori A Zombie!

Make a contribution. Make a zombie camminano for all to avoid within fresche.

Ognuno killed at least essere diversi modes and ingannevoli: bruciore, Colpo di testa, fall ad Abisso, uccidere mass strappare le parti Persine body or a colpo di Razzo!

Desapercibidoopcións, Thank you for thatBehavior of the PartyLeib and Blood Creature Do not Shout!

More than 5 tips games, including various gameplay.

It di pi 8 Tipi di come guns army, semiautomatiche and automatiche, Fucili, lanciafiamme and specialties of Personaggio:

AirSupport, bombsrain Tossa bridges and many other reference.

Go back up to translate, make to save everyone to avoid their planet!

ILMONDO handle Enzo

His life is not an opportunity to achieve it.

arenaAbbandonata gate, desertification, distrutti Ponti and laboratory, says Pien zombies, sleep perfetti public places and for blood and madness.

Realistic graphics, great game, the whole violin has a couple groovy – began doing crimson earth!

Operating Systems: Windows 7

Processor: Core 2 Duo

Memory: 4096 MB of RAM

Scheda Video: GeForce GTX400 Series

DirectX version 10

Memory: 3 GB function

Operating Systems: Windows 7

Processor: Core 2 Quad

Memory: 6 GB of RAM

Scheda Video: GeForce GTX 700 Series

DirectX:Version 11

Memory: Feature 3 GB


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to install

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Band: 2MB