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Dancing With the Stars

Stars play a unique series that combines stars with professional football players in a fierce competition – live – in front of the studio and the country’s audience. Each season has a selected number of professional artists / professionals. Couples are judged by a panel of professionals (Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman) and also to home viewers. The team will be removed weekly. They should be in a collection, grace and control over regular motion and operation forbeautiful dress. I am Will they stay fit in competition? Astrology plays a great beauty, it provides beautiful dresses, dances, folk festive events, backdrop events and modern music performed by a 15-year-old port. The form is a global hit with a certain star, it is a step from a series of kimasifasmashhit, Strictly Come Dancing. The Stars Dance received Emmy’s following Supreme Monitoring: * Staying in technical, film, video, series A – 2006 * Best music for music or music – 2006 * DirectingThe best of a series of cameras or special (non-protetyczna) series – 2008, section 503 * Beautiful haircut photography for a series of cameras or special parts of the camera. 2009709 * best technical instructions, pictures, video controls for series A – 2010 section 909A * ZnakomityStylistykabuhok for series or special cameras – 2010 section 902 * Excellent styling hair for a series of multiple or special cameras – 2011, section 1106 Muftihost of fact or fact – 2012, Tom Bergeron * Excellent make-up in case of series of multiple or non-artificial camera series – 2012 Episode 1307lessless