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EasyWorship 2009.1

EasyWorship is a program designed specifically for people who play an active role in the local church. It comes with tools that can help solve a wide range of different wind management tasks.

Sing your heart

Odnoyiz’s main features are EasyWorship creation of songwriters and writings. A special folder is for hymns that they drag and throw in different playlists, and they are ready when they are needed. Different types of media can only be a fewArganizavanyi dostupovani pushed the button, and the media can also be made available to members of the church in the form of notices and bulletin boards. This type is undoubtedly the most modern and always brings members of the church but the learning curve can dastatkovaimklivay as new users try to figure out what the best way to use a variety of different aspects.

Is it easy?

Despite the fact that EasyWorship is relatively easy for peopleWho have a good knowledge of computers to control them, it’s all relative. Old and those who used to be only limited time of time on the computer, it can be difficult to face them.