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Ferdinand 2017

Ferdinand Julius – enough for everyone to have their little ones in that ray, the scent of flowers instead of bulls to fight other people. With the development of a strong bull soft awesome, but in vain, the bullfighting in Madrid after the task is done.


Subtitles: No.

Clade: NA

General Release Date: December 14,2017

Life: Yearly

Working time: Not available

20th Century Fox Slot Machine

Starring: John Mount Kate Makkinnon, Jin Rodrigo, Deyved Diggs, Gabriel Perkins

Director: Monday Saldana

Format: 2D

afterFerdinand, the vitulicum with a big heart, that is, a fake eats admit, because of the danger of oneanimal, and trembling took him down, and they drew him out of the house to be alone. The decision to return to his family, he assembles a team of outsiders in the latter case. Ferdinand, son of the flock, and a giant with a great presence of spirit. cepitet confused with a dangerous animal has escaped fromhome and family. Proposed that the ministry will return to his family, every person in his former family: Aaron creates the team to the finals and the lowest of the arrival of. Eleventh, Ferdinando, he goes to Spain, is the world, he proves that he does not cover, nor judges whoof the flock.