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FIFA 09 is arguably the king of soccer games, and the height of the revival of the series’. This means that there are big expectations for FIFA 10, the latest version of the classic EA.

Meanwhile, not far from the previous visual, FIFA 10 PC demo a few changes under the hood shows that really improve the game. The biggest is the introduction of 360 degree control. your player move towards no more than eight, But whatsoever you want. It makes beheer’N smoother, and givesyou more flexibility and the ability to play creatively.

FIFA 10 player animations have been completely renovated – they move with real character and dribbling looks good. your teammates have also upgraded intelligence, so they act more natural and therefore more likely to do what you want.

FIFA 10 management has also been upgraded, mungkinsebagai response to the rich experience in the Konami Pro EvolutionSokker. FIFA 10 playersnow has ambitions to influence their decisions – if your team is full of defenders, it can be difficult to convince others to join. Because there is a lot of play, it is rare that a player wants to promote his career.

A game that is cleaner and more refined than its predecessor, FIFA 10 is quite an improvement and a step towards footballkaranasan lainke at all realistic.

FIFA 11 is the latest installment of the popular series of football games EA.This includes some of the key inVan improvements in FIFA 10 is a realistic simulated realistic and decent rivalry for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

Having been through the previous version of FIFA exploded, we found it difficult to imagine how REACHED her slick sokkersim. After some games of this demo version itBut it changes just cosmetics.

Smooth game

The increase in FIFA 11 spells makes it more like a real football. SystemPersonality + new meaning players move and act like they do in real life. This shows that Manchester Uniteds Wayne Rooney imposed after the ball when it does not belong; Although beliaurakan striker Dimitar Berbatov, more content to stand and wait for something to happen!

Other tweaks to AI helps make FIFA 11 the most interesting so far. When crossing over now view generally good players to come to the ball. you alsoWill see that players are a bit faster than they are on FIFA 10.

Another important change in FIFA 11 is the ability to control goalkeepers, re-start the game and add additional elements to the game.

Handbolletjies were introduced for the first time in FIFA 11. When a defender was placed in a line of strokes, he could put his hand to seal it. The frequency of handbolletjies is slightly higher than it would be in real life,but you can disable them or determine that it does not apply in criminal cases.

FIFA 11 passes Maydin finer, which memberikananda more control over balverdeling. With Pro Passing feature allows you to measure exactly fit by weight. The set of pass has been issued and you can now verbyspoere, queers, driven lobs rugspeld out and apply on the ball.

One of the changes we have made nieSoos new system of penalties based on a kragstang. to stopthe cursor in the right place is very difficult because it is pagkakataongawin to respond to you all the buttons. It makes scoring a penalty in FIFA 11 is a hard thing to do.

graphical tweaks

At first glance it looks like FIFA 11 graphics except in the earlier version. Once you start to see replays almost-up, however, you realize that a careful here now isrealisties. EA modeled player faces with images and expressionsothers now face more varied and change according to the player.

another bersihselain of FIFA 11 is the ability to upload your own audio to be used in the game. You can record your own chants, add sound files in real spanskouers and music determines the drive forces.

SpelmodiFIFA 11 still piled with many wildmodi, including officially licensed leagues, exhibitions, training to become a pro. isamalaking change this time managers repetition mode, which is nowknown as Loopbaanmodus, and integrate in Be a Pro. It is now more concerned with the fact that you started as a player before becoming a coach player and manager finally completely.

The new features of interest, combined with super smart game, FIFA 11 sim real football.