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FIFA 16 is comparable to PES 2016. It is impossible to happen: the king of football matches are overthrown.

Three magic sales

Leave a comparison PES-once, FIFA 16 is a revolution in the series. Yoni’s dramatic change is that now you can choose to play as one of the 12 international teams. Implementing EA Sportss groups of women is not only minor changes to groups of men and women enlivened and lead sebyaSovershennoDifferent. This leads to the fact that they are a bit slow and low physicality, but also more dynamic, predictable and interesting.

Team FIFA Ultimate Team (fut) Detected by improvements using fut Draft: A great way to enjoy this state is to spend time on the computer, making your team. Provides randomwachezaji nominations for each position, and helps to train the computer to provide more accessible fut state version forPerson not interested in vAspekty management. You can compete with four problems with increasing win gold. There is less micro futmas worse, allowing you to enjoy their systems without paying real money.

All other methods have also been improved due to slight improvement. For example, in working conditions, you can place your created players by practicing mini-games by betteringTheir stats.

“Magical Moments” FIFA 16 is due to some deceptive arithmetic razrabotchikovV EA Games, introducing animations, shooting and physics. At this time there is one, they repeat the feeling of this game, and kagzimishawewe stand up, astonishment clutching his head. These points – the real power of FIFA, and the region where it still feels better Than PES 2016.

Also entertainment

With lots of improvements, whyNot configured FIFA 16 football stays in the top position? Problem with gameplay. One of the main examples of this confusion yavlyaetsyaChistoe in an attempt to restore the ball. With all the mechanical skills and strategies, your best strategy is to wait until the attacker still makes mistakes in the passage and interception, the enemy war.

Defeat accumulates: automatically selecting players in the field is more commonThan before, sometimes players do not use parts to build up, and the ball seems to be a magnet Goalkeepers hand.

AnguvuPES 2016Vy method and teamwork and will be rewarded for their efforts. FIFA 16 is happy to contribute to parts for concerts and magic. When the magic happens, wonderful sounds. But such a system will lead to the fact that you are playing, ilionekanaingekuwa random, yourHappiness quickly turns to anger and hope.

The result is what if we compare two games? Well, we prefer PES 2016 (at least console PC port Konamis is terrible now). He feels better, and your efforts priravnivayutsyakmafanikio. FIFA 16 on the other hand, lack of control, as it defines style priorities over capacity.

FIFA worse? No, not at all. Immersion, where he createsOf the best and some of the main features of the players feel kwelikwa usually, in the position of the goalkeeper, pressing the ball. While the little flowers happen, it’s really amazing, making you feel like you’re playing a real game.

Magic, variety and spontaneity

FIFA 16Vsemchezo another great football: Women’s team to add variety, FIFA Ultimate Team Draft provides easy and “MagicSo, if your priority – diversity, spontaneity and festival, FIFA is perfect for you. Now it’s up to you to play EA Sports again at McMillie if they want to leave space in between Of FIFA and PES. And I think that would be.