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Title: Flinthook

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Investor tribute Entertainment, Inc.

Publisher: Tribute Entertainment, Inc.

Release Date: April 18, 2017

for the game

Flinthook is fast action platformer with elements roguelike. Pay gap biggest pirates with your Hookshot, guns and slowmo forces! Zipper with your strengthsHookshot! Intended freely and take your giant anchor of gold rings around levels to drive visokbrzina so isIt requires flexibility and speed of risks auszusetzenUnd 360 enemies with a pistol Blasma! Eliminate all possible enemies with fresh, hot ball. It looks reallycool in slow motion! Slow down time to adjust your goals or extract only fixed – do it often, it loads really fast and it makes at least 200% of many built pirate ships! sekojnivo is special because procedurally ships hundreds handmadeRooms developed modifiedby different variants wurden.Jagd full of extraordinary richness and populated with random waves of enemy Pirate main cluster clan! Feed your compass to find the then head of the creature is able to take and bring your premium appliances. Their rivals no roomchips, make sure you podgotveniza challenge! Collect rare and powerful remnants tip! Angang all wealth is offensive, build your legend – unlocks new perks when interruptible growth remain upgrade the black market, and gather collectibles and pagesthe lore! Discover some mysterious secrets! I do not know if daGeheimnisse in this game? O_OAlber big fan? Get Deluxe Edition for some extra loot! It contains: The game itself, music, art and book collection background! 23-song soundtrack by Patrice Bourgeault100 + Pages artbook with character design,concept art, stories, drawings, sketches and more! 4K Wallpapers Collection – 16 Wallpapers with Flinthook, the giant anchor, devil horns, space and Anchor model!

system requirements

Minimum: OS: Vista or higher processor, Intel Core Duo or faster Memory: 2 GB RAMGraphics: OpenGLkompatibilenvideo card Storage: 300 MB of free space