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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

Created in a completely new context by Sonic Auesome Miktape # 2 Marvel Studio Galaxy Watchers vol. 2 continues the adventures of the team as it passes through the outer space. The guardian must struggle to keep his families in the merger of the secret of the newly discovered Peter to reveal the true origin of thorns.Older enemies become new allies and fanatics from the classic comic character that will come to help our hero, as the universe of Marvel Cinematicmashi develops.

The guards have to fight for it. Roots keep you together when they discover the secret of Peter Kuill’s true origin. AfterShooting Xander rage Ronan Vali is now considered a hero. Now the team has to help his leader Stardust Lord (Chris Prat) to discover the truth behind the true legacy. By the way, the sparrows of the old went to the allies, and betrayed the flowers. And guards, they learn that they are in opposition to the new threat of destructifiang setGalaxy.