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Hearts of Iron IV no ISO

About this game:

Win in your hands! Your ability to govern your nation is the highest weapon, the strategic “iron heart” strategy game that enables you to obey a country during the Second World War;The most interesting conflict in the history of the world.

From the heart of the battlefield to the Command Center you will manage your nation’s glory and bring war, negate or attack. You have the power to conclude the Second World War.

Time to show your ability to be the world’s largest leader.Will you survive or change your story? Are you changing the world, winning at all costs?

Main Features: General War Strategy: War does not only win land, sea and air. It remains in the heart and mind of men and women.

True Real War Time:Let the Second World War Commander command your war with the tools of those times; tanks, planes, ships, weapons and weapons discovered by the mass destruction.

Assume any country control:Choose the great forces you want to win, or the small country that is trying to store the storm.

Make the world in the battlefield: Feel the war full of World War II on the landscape along with the season,Weather and relief. Snow, dust, and windstorms can be a strong alliance and a terrible enemy.

Negotiations or Forces You Want: Experiences of the Political and Diplomatic Development System, Building Groups,Share resources and appoint a minister for your party.

Extreme online fight: Competition fight and multiplayer multi player with 32 players. It has crossmakermultiplayer crossing

Give your country a unique advantage:The experience of a flexible technology system, where all the major powers are unique. Create details and aircraft using military research and experience.

Everyone gets: Poland: good and ready:

FreeDLCAdds a unique unique tree with polished 3D model of the tank and 2D resource planes and the leader’s paintings with the highest historical accuracy.