Kodomo Tsukai: Innocent Curse 2017 full torrent download

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Kodomo Tsukai: Innocent Curse 2017

I began to be absent from the Hasila Hidden Conspiracy, in the city suburb of Tsukai until the deaths of children and adults, and as little children as they were old enough. The incident will be near any adult who met “back” is like three wonderful moments after my baby dies. Local newspaper Shunya Ezaki itself does not believe that killing children and adults, but begins to seek the truth behind the deaths of new leaders.


Title: ITA / Chinese

Added: NO

General Date of Freedom:August 14, 2017

Ghana: scared

Running time: Not available

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Call: Hideaki Takizawa, Ariola daiki, Mugi Kadowaki

Director: Takashi Shimizu

Do: 2D