Microsoft Office 2013 64-Bit

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Microsoft Office 2013

The use of familiar, new features

With new understanding of how to optimize the best Word 2013 document can be unlocked using the scroll. Make changes to documents are important repair and expanded to become editor lot.Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, without the need for additional PDF editing software, is a direct competitor to Adobe Acrobat.

inExcel 2013, work on the role of Flash betez automáticamenteOut arange cells selected .Excel audit committee all,And to determine the relationship between cell values ​​or text suggests. It facilitates the creation of charts and graphs in Excel thanks to create similar. Quick Analysis for Microsoft Office 2013 has a new feature that allows one to see the formatting options to make some calculations.

PowerPoint2013 banatzenaurkezle modua different audience twice now. In addition to the presentation, you can make a bulleted list and presented on the screen for more information. Table Also,Service attitude styling with four fingers on film for a meeting, you can switch between or pointer laser virtual.

In all views, Outlook 2013 together menus fade in appointments, contacts, emails and tasksegiteko.Outlook 2013 now compatible with tablets and can be seen, if you want to see the list of areas in the anoptimizada.

OptimizadoUso tact and design minimalist, Windows 8

When Microsoft Office 2013 ProfessionalPlusIf you use, you will notice that change impressions. ospetsuenaZinta bar is extended only when necessary, and the operation is optimized for finger touch display. In addition to photos,You can embed videos using HTML code in Microsoft Office 2013Professional Plus. All applications optimized for the touch screen with the new method.

Microsoft Office2013 Professional Plus uses the same design as minimalist Windows 8 tiles and seems well adapted.Icons large ordenatzengarbian carry the most important, while the new model offers attractive table and presented.

Conclusion: Full Update

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus comes with many useful functions,Which allows you to use the screen duzunOnTouch selectivamenteDispositivos. Unfortunately, Office Suite is not something that is compatible with tablets. Too many options to choose and others small.

Other FeaturesMicrosoft Office 2013 Professional Plus, however, much more compelling solution together editors PDF, integration with SkyDrive and special offers integration opportunities gisaYouTube best video, a lot of innovations.