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Need for Speed

Need for Speed ​​is the latest edition of the racing game is amazing. It comes with a computer in 2016, but was released on Xbox and PS4, we think you know what pensamos.Claro that if there is something wrong with the port, this review will change.

Repeat History

Like previous installments, and Burnout Paradise – a respect more creative-talent NFS open world racing game. The kisahnyaDari petrolhead a wannabe in the world of illegal racing.

What this means in practice is a characterplaces the game with the mission of driving, in exchange for experience points and money to invest in new vehicles. The mission of these classical career, so far the trial, and even challenging driving talesFacendo donuts right across the city. Basically, there is nothing new to those who have played a racing game in the last five years.

Besides the main mode, Need for Speed ​​offers several ways to take advantage amigos.Ah in line with, and about the problems online, even when playingthe player to force NFS to connect it to the Internet has become an irritant to the standard EA.

Enjoy the game, Esq

NFS is a very fun game, and fans will appreciate the depth adjustment and adaptation. During the game you can buy up to 51 cars berbedaAnda can customize everything from purely aesthetic tool to drag ratio.De fact, running online experience, it seems that everyone likes something different, which adds some interesting things for this component.

You need forSpeed ​​will, it is still a major challenge to ensure that will not be bored because they feel protected by their own way. Handbrake and expect to learn to master the flow.

UntukPenampilannya, EA also uses the Frostbite engine to a beautiful and realistic slips to 30 frames per second, secure and stable. Games with a series of FMV at the time of the actual story, interacting with characters who speak of music, cars and everything owned by the world’s children by the end NFS.

and romance

Need forSpeed ​​create fun races, Pieces mendebarkanSirkuitnya open. Visually stunning, it is a pleasure to watch the car license tear their way around the world. unexpected creativity: NFS path past the title.