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Polar 2017

The boy sleeps in his room for a night of snow, excitement and eyes. Breathless It’s hard to move. Wait. When Hes heard a voice, she was afraid she had never heard – Santas bells shouted. The time is five minutes to midnight. Suddenly the thunder cloud will surprise the boy. By removing the haze from the window, he sees a little more spectacular – a shiny train comes from the front of the house, couples flying a powerful engine through the night sky, snow. The boy went outside,wear slippers with slippers, and meet a conductor who apparently just waits. Well you go – asks the conductor. Where? – ask the boy Why, in North Pole – of course. This is Polar Express! What matters is the next adventure boy who wrestles in the north; During this trip, he begins a journey of researchers, showing that there is no miracle of life for those who believe in them.

Bird privacy Aircraft Fitcher does not know how dark secrets are involved with the Polaroid’s secret camera he meetsbut you do not have to wait long to realize that those who have their images are dangerous. Polaroid is covered in the Ring and End Goal and focuses on the unique Dog School School Dog Dog, Birt Fitcher, who draws the annual Polaroid camera. Aircraft soon learn that the cameras are in a terrible mystery: who took your picture with an unusual and violent ending. The girl and her friends must have a night while fighting to solve Polaroid’s secret of haun before they are killed.