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Protected Folder 1

Children trapped so simple, effective and sensitive documents from prying or hiding on your computer.

Pellentesque to close files and folders from other Windows applications are not available for others to protect themselves, they are not alone, but also remain invisible,And. In truth, it’s more than using a simple program: just drag and drop the folders and files you want to keep on the interface, and there’s no need to select an option from the context menu.

Options include the ability to configurePellentesque some block reading and / orWriting access to protected files may not be in bed, copied, moved, deleted, and pathped. And let’s filter the list will exclude files you do not want to keep. In addition, there are no other institutions in the program.

Children trapped so simple, efficient and thatWhich he says in a can. Pending users plus all security applications will probably need to look elsewhere.

When TutisFolder protection of private documents can be easily viewed from others.