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QuickTime 7.7

QuickTime own video format and QuickTime player is official Apple player for it.

As you would expect from an Apple product, Quicktime is too easy to use the site sometimes is expected to be better available – such as creating playlists for example. When basic features like reproduction, launching are very user-friendly, although it is still relatively slow. If you really want to get the maximum from ngGayunpaman, QuickTime, you need to upgradeTo the Pro version, which allows you to edit and convert video files more extensively.

QuickTime is designed to play the MOV video format although Apple, but beyond Windows, it’s not very flexible. There are other igrachikako that VLC media player to play almost any format and faster introduction.

QuickTime media flagship of Apple, although many other players for free for Windows are stronger


It contains changes that enhance reliability, improve itOf compatibility and address of security.