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Razer Game Booster 4

Game Booster aims to make the most of your system, change the settings to improve this series of games. Not all of us can give optimized for gaming PCs, as well as using the system of everything from surfing the internet, listening to music games.

As newGames often use a lot of system resources to run them seamlessly to exclude other applications. Game Booster is a clean application that will do many of these processes at the push of a button, release the much needed RAMPara all kinds of games, online gaming,shootingRacing games or games, among others.

As well as improving games, Game Booster will also help in managing any hungry application system to choose to launch. Game Booster itself uses very little processor power, and it can be better to turn many processes and turn off with just one click.

As wellWe have found success in the liberation of amazing amount of RAM, Game Booster can be improved by being able to kick off other apps that are often managed by people all the time as iTunes. It is currently unprofitableto edit the list of stop processes.

The Game BoosterDoes not work wonders but will help you break the maximum out of your system and get the games running smoother.


Enhanced Interface

Added online check

Added Module Latest News

Fixed bugs in the Box game

Common mistakes are fixed