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Speccy 1.25

If I can call inquire about your computer’s features, most of your processor will, and probably the amount of memory and hard drive it has. But what about the rest? Speccy will provide detailed details of your information system.

With Speccy you can now find very detailed statistics on your computer that not only basics like processor and RAM memory, but also hard drives, graphics cards, motherboards, optical drives, operating systemsand much more. You can see information on the interfaceA beautifully designedprogram and also a snapshot of it to save for future reference.

You may think that this information applies only to computer spirits, network administrators and other types of skilled technical users, but may actually be helpful to everyone. With Speccy you can check your RAM configuration before purchasing more modules, or make a list of options if you want to sell your computer, to provide some examples.

The basic dataDisplayed by Speccy can also be found in some specific areas on Windows systems, but Speccymakes it easier for you by collecting everything under one interface and providing more details.

Speccy is still in beta development, and has some additional features we can find in other similar tools: the ability to export multiple formats, performance tests, installed software lists, etc … But as a program from the same developer ofCCleaner, Recuva and Defraggler, we can only hope to improve!

Speccy is a simple system of analysis that contains detailed information about the configuration and technicalfeatures of your computer.


Added type Computer (Desktop, Laptop) kedivisi operating system.

CPU detection is updated for the latest Intel Core i7 model.

Increased compatibility with LGA 2011 motherboards.

Added external disk information peripherals.

Improved sharing and discovery detection for printers.

EnhancementException handling.

Adds language support for Kurds.

Minor tweaks and corrections.