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Stronger 2017

The real story of Jeff Bauman, the common man who seized the hearts of his city and the world, is a symbol of hope after the bombing of the Boston Marathon in 2013. Jake Gillenhaal plays Jeff, 27-year-old Bosnian workers in a marathon are trying to conquer their ex-girlfriend Erin (TatianaMaslini). Waiting for him at the finish, when the explosion came out, he lost two capes. When he gets to the hospital, Jeff helps to create an obstacle to the discovery of one of the firefighters, but his own battle has just begun. She shares months of physical and emotional rehab with strong supportErin and her family. Jeff is a deep personal story about a heroic journey that tests family communication, refers to the community’s pride and inspires the inner marriage to overcome harmful problems. Completed with strong emotions, humility and humor, the more true the storyhuman inspiration becomes life of Boston Strong. The film rejected the nomination of Miranda Richardson orchestra and taught David Gordon Green.