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Subnautica Preview Early Access

Subnautics is a sandbox or open-world game that resembles classics like Minecraft of The Forest. The twist is that the adventure takes place under the ocean of an alien planet.

You can download the game from Steam in Early Access format, a kind of development demonstration. Despite being treated as ‘demo’, you can not download it for free.

Under the sea

SubnuticsStart with a disaster: Your spaceship crashes on an alien planet covered with an enormous ocean. You have no otherChoice than using your ship. Emergency capsule as a base while exploring the waters in search of a possible escape plan.

Subnautics is a combination of Minecraft and The Forest. On the one hand, you are diving under the ocean looking for materials to make buoys, oxygen tanks and even a submarine. On the other hand, find food and set yourself apart from the most aggressive fish in the ocean.

Subnautics object creation system is more complex than normal. It takes some time to get used to it. To that endWe miss something in the tutorial.

The graphics are impressive, making Subnautics strong packages. You feel like exploring a strange ocean of strange fish. The environments are full and varied, so you dive deeper, despite the dangers it causes.

Explore the mysteries of the ocean

Subnautics has a way to keep you excited. You want to build your first submarine. You want to investigate caves in search of minerals. You want to discover what kind of fish in the area is. YOUWant to rest as much as possible to exploreThe rest of your sunken ship. You want to expand basesConstruct entire areas. If you’re excited about the mysteries of the sea, you’re not wrong: Subnutics is what you wanted.