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The Hitmans Bodyguard 2017

The most popular observers in the world accept new clients, individuals who should be witnesses to the International Tribunal. They need to put their differences and work together to do it at the exam. In his reputation for shortness of breath after sending wrongly known people Jepangklien, previously three. The executive defense agency, Michael Bryce, two years after the deplorable case, is now shrinking. Only in one rented second class. Under these circumstances, Brian didsomething to prove his worth again, and as a result, he immediately accepted a proposal from Interpol, accompanying the famous international assasser Daria Kinkaida from Manchester to The Hague. His job looks simple: Bryce only needs a counterattack from point A to B, however, Kinkide, the number one with enough courage and enough files to prove to testify against the brutal dictator. In Belarus, is a clear destination, and a long and dangerous trip to Holland . Withoutundoubtedly, this race against time since the appropriate duet must doubt the endless concert for ammunition.

The highest security agent in the world accepts new clients: hitting cold people. They were at the end of a bullet for years. Now they have to get together and only have 24 hours to get to The Hague to kill the dictator’s killer.