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The House 2017

After the city has overcome the control of the college of his daughter’s mother and father, the casino is illegally in the house of his friend’s money, to return not to the educational program of the money cities, parents were left without money to send their daughter to college. Left without other options,They and friends, started an illegal casino in their house to make money for the summer.

After Scott and Keith Johansen (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) will lose the college fund AlexS, rushed to vindsodat that she can follow her dream of the university. With the help of his neighbor Frank (JasonMantsukas), they decided to become a casino illegally in his house.

Lee Hayden is an icon of the Old West and Golden Voise, but his best performances of the decade are behind her. He spends his days due to his former glory and smoked too much and turned his former businessman-star, Jeremy, to killDiagnosis of cancer surprises have focused their priorities more sharply. Recently pigaUpanaen exciting and sincere communication with Charlotte, and try to strengthen his daughter, Lusia, always looks at the role of the end of his heritage.