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The Sims 4

The Sims are back to fourth intsallment, once again it gives you the opportunity to create your dream home and watch your virtual avatar develop. After years of waiting for tracking Sims 3, can this latest installment government will cause interest in the series?

A Sims package that no content

TheSims 4 essay not trying to revolutionize the principles of the series. However, I still expect to see some new features compared to other games saserye. Shockingly, it is clear that this new version, Electronic Artsdid the opposite of what I expected: instead of addingnew content, the publisher decided to facilitate the game by taking away a number of functions.

nishtobazen, no small children, you can see the location of your job Sims “the list is too long and the conclusion is clear: Electronic Arts seems to be given enough space toadd future DLC with these features dahilmula game. It seems to be an unfortunate approach, seen as a “complete” game will be sold at full price.

naOvaa criticism aside, however, the gameoffers countless new activities your Sims can do in the city or at home. The rangethe things you can buy already huge and original, as many outings that you can go. It’s a shame, however, will now get a loading screen when your Sims to switch between many areas and while Sims3 offers an open world where akcijaostana constant. The good newsIt is that there is a new community portal that allows you to share your creations online (characters and objects).

Excellent interface and artificial intelligence

In termsof gameplay and accessibility, The Sims 4 is enhanced many of his predecessors. Although bulky tutorialkoja canbe frustrating for those unfamiliar with the series, everything is again idisenyopara better control of the game.

The new character creator is large, you can very easily create one of your dreams just by dragging the mouse on the body part you want to change. when itcomes to making or customizing your home, these items are now organized into clear Thus, according to the different rooms of the house.

Theway the act Sims also been the subject of much attention. With a much needed revised system, your character will be more intelligent andngayonautonomous, take care of yourself by automatically performing tasks that meet their needs. This allows you to focus on the essential and razvojtalenti your Sims’ through many actions of the game.

Note, however, that the camera controls are awkward and impractical.It is impossible to move in three dimensions, and great resistance for a game that has benefited from theexperience of the previous three episodes.

Not technically amazing, but very well optimized

godinaPo The Sims 3, many expect the real graphical overhaul for the new edition. Unfortunately, the difference betweenThe Sims The Sims 3 and 4 is clearly not as bright as it should be. Despite some nice graphical effects that look attractive graphics of the new version is dated from the moment when it is released. It’s too bad, despite this disadvantage has an advantage in the game to compatiblekalakasangmga computer.

Notfar from the technical aspects of the new Sims, the level of facial details are clearly improved. The main improvement lies in a number of animations available, withSims now able to go through a wide range of emotions. You can, therefore, experience a lotfunny situations that can dadedobar impression of Sims life in general.

Full of ideas just a little too DLC

The Sims 4 is underwhelmingtagumpay. developers seem to have worked hard at the interface; Sims character creator and build a government based on simplicityand have great potential.With many potrebnirevidiran system and better automation of your Sims, younow havemore freedom for a better gaming experience.

Unfortunately, the game was overshadowed by a stain not easily overlooked, especially for longtime fans of the series. In addition to the undeniable technical flaws, the game is lackingangmalaking amount of content compared to Sims 3, indicating a long series collected downloadable content soon. It is an unfortunate move by Electronic Arts, you may want to reviewits policy in the coming years if they want to avoid alienatingmany of its fans.