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USB Show 1

The show, USB reveal hidden files on a USB memory stick. It is very useful to eliminate the effects of direct access to the virus, which is also known as a virus or virus hidden shortcuts folder that expand through the memory card.

Detective hidden folder

Show ScanUSB drive to your computer, search for files and folders, and view it immediately. In vremeda you have a list of the folder bolehDilihat found.

IfYou open the USB drive from the Explorer, you will see all the files and folders are now visible. NOTE: Not all files marked USB shov be deleted.

Just click and wait, so easy

USB The show is simple: you only need to scan and click the izabereteDisk. Once selected USB display scan the panels to find which are again not visible and membuatniaMereka.

USB Shov is available in Spanish and English. No text auxiliary function, and theInterface is a brief explanation. But the tasks performed by this program are very specific, so no need to know more about it.

Helpful, but not antivirus

USB show, is a program that complements anti-virus software activity, but by itself does not delete the hidden in the memory malware. If you suspect your USB memory stick ituPemacu infected files, which are a reliable antivirus software or anti-virus software like Norton Antivirus or McShieldAmir must use.