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Victoria And Abdul 2017

When Abdul Kareem, a young official, traveled from India to take part in Golden Golden Jubilee, he was surprised to have mercy with the queen himself. Since the Queen asks for the old situation, they choose unity that is impossible and committed with patience with each other, that all circles in and within the country trying to destroy it. As friendship deepens, the queen begins to see a changing world with new eyes and with pleasurerestore his humanity.

It is unlikely that Queen Victoria befriends a young Indian officer named Abdul Karim.

Victoria I Abdula was directed by Stephen Freices and written by Leah Hall, based on the same book as Drum Bass. The story follows Queen Victoria and her unlikely friendship with Indian servant Abdul Karim, who soon becomes one of the most important soldiers


Subtitle: no

Classification: NO

General information Release date: November 022017

Genre: drama

Duration: not available

Distributor: UnitedInternationalPartners

Actor: Judy Dench, Ali Phasal, Eddie Izzard, Pigot-Smith Team, Adele Akhtar

Director: Stephen Freices

Format: 2D