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Virtual Piano 1

Piano Virtual is a free program that offers users a virtual MIDI, keyboard. This means that they can play the piano in your computer, simply by using a mouse and end time to play sweet music and perform new songs,Or even their own compositions.

Gloss to make music in a new format

One great thing about etomProgramma is that it can be connected to MIDI, used other musicians different so playing together as possible können.Die for this is almost unlimited,From mild to other games to entertain people at home to concerts for a wide range of different types of use of the room. The program is easy for beginners to make it suitable for musicians of all ages.It should be noted that Piano Virtual pozvolyaetPolzovateli write tunes they we created, which is a mistake obvious, which is sure to make music real.

You can Beethoven to go?

Despite the obvious limitationsVirtual piano is fun and easy to use. But the fact that users will not be able to record the music they created, it means that the program is only suitable for people who want to play the piano, But not those who make music and share their own.