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Wish Upon 2017

A teenage girl finds a box with magical powers and a lethal price for its use. A teenage girl finds a magic box that will give her seven wishes. When he uses his desire for personal gain, the people around him begin to have drwgpethau. He discovers that evil entities are living in boxes and can be behind horrible deaths.

Desire school students “heir” Kler Shennon did not live an easy life;Her mother committed suicide twelve years after her father was a treasure, and bullied on ysgol.OdinDen, her father brought home a mysterious music box. When Claire discovers that magic box that can fulfill her aspirations, she begins to use to get to the ideal life, which she always wants. Despite the desire to bring his happiness and success, people begin to die around the death of violence after all desire.


Classification: Not available

Release date: July 13, 2017

Genre: Fantasy / Horror/ Thriller

Lead Time: not available

Distributor: GSC Movie

Starring: Dzho Raja, Rayan Filipp, Ki Hong Lee, Mitchell Sleggert

Director: Steysi Kich

Format: 2D