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Summary: to joke on me as the best of his warriors, and at least 13 in the official competition on the ball themselves and make a fortune with the help of their own. Note the famous race racing racing and key parts of the real WRC rally.

500 E M S E E E OR A in 1000

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On Friday, 09/24/2017

Buy Exits 2017/09/15

type release game

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METHOD steam on Denuvo x64 +

Filed 74x250mb

For all the challenges of the 2017 World Cup;

quodmotorsen state personnel, 13 countries, in particular 52 degrees;

The total more powerful than physicalto the urgency of all cars,

games, the electronic sports mode in your mouth at the headquarters

all year round. Choose between cars from prestigious manufacturers

the course of which, Toyota, Ford, which the Saxon has been restored in perfect

For a real test drive. 55 teams available to the public;

includinga number of WRC and Junior WRC 2 drivers.

Of the 13 brings a new game experience Epicapud

spesialestadiums longer than 15 minutes, to the last, the patience of

WRC test for both drivers and fans!

– In 2017 WRC cars in the New in Physics, which carries the power of life as a whole.

– Filled pattern of steps to ensuremore realistic driving,


– A local multiplayer part of the screen.

– New online challenges every week.


– Bring an image or a store

– Installation of the game

– Form a groove

– Usage

Always sick, and they never make

– The game is updated with the latestpoemaet included inall DLco

to a minimum;

operating system; Windows 7

Processor, Intel Generation i3 @ 4 / Celeron or better A8

memory; 4 GB of RAM

Charts: Nvidia GT 730 / M 2 HD or better (5) 600

DirectX: version 11

Storage: 19 GB available space

Sound card, sound card DirectX Sed


Operating System: Windows 10

Processor, Intel’s generation i3 @ 6 / FX series Intel Pentium @

Memory: 8GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 780 / M R9 290

DirectX: version 11

Storage: 19 GB available space

Sound card, sound card DirectX Sed

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