Geometry Dash 64 Bit download

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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a high octane scrolling adventure with great songs. Fun and challenging attempt this popular game epic, colorful and fascinating flying leap, and even to reverse gravity. As part of the rhythm genre of music based rhythm game that plays a key role in achieving the end kozhnohoriven.


Use sistematouch maintain control custom character through a maze of Thorns speed danhalangan competition. The rhythm of the music helps you time your jumps and flips with perfect task to achieve such a high level of quality. In geometry tyrevybir to implementmode, so it is impossible to improving their skills to open a list of achievements. The game also allows players to create and build your own levels to play mogudele and others.

fun tone

geometriDashvykorystovuyuchy various interesting soundtrack and high qualitygraphics, bright colors. The task required reaction high to win all the major decisions on the level of satisfaction when you finally up to 100% of the final stage.